KONICA-MINOLTA. EV-jetsetter 4500 series

Dimensions: 32"W x 36"D x 44"H (813mm x 914mm x 1118mm), 350lb(156 Kg)

Power: 115/230V(+/- 10%), 3.0/1.5 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Recording source: 10mW visible red laser diode(670nm), or optional 10mW infrared
lazer diode(780 nm)

Spot size: .001"(25 microns)

Repeatability: .001"(.03mm) typical. May vary with media, media packaging and processing conditions.

Image widths: Variable up to 18.157" (461.2mm)

Output media: Standard:Konica 6547 RVD-100E film, Konica 6541 HNP-110P paper or HN polyeter plates 18.1"(460mm), 18.0"(457mm), 14.0"(355mm), 12.2"(310mm), 12.0"(305mm)
Optional IR:Konica 6128 IR-100E film, Konica 6548 IR-110P paper or IR-polyester plates 18.1"(460mm), 18.0"(457mm), 14.0"(355mm), 12.2"(310mm), 12.0"(305mm)

Punch system: Head and tail punches in one of seven standard configurations at no additional charge. Additional standard punches or customized punch configurations available (see local Konica representative for details and restrictions).

Buffer system: Built-in dual buffer unit for direct transport to K-550 and most other film processors and allows for simultaneous recording and processing.

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