KONICA. EV-jetsetter 1000/1100 series

Dimensions: 22"W x 31"D x 14"H (558mm x 787mm x 356mm), 95lb(43 Kg)

Power: 115/230V(+/- 10%), 3.0/1.5 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Recording source: 1000:10mW infrared laser diode, (780 nm)
1100:10mW visible red laser diode, (670nm)

Spot size: .002"(50 microns) for resolutions below 1016 dpi
.001"(25 microns) for resolutions 1016 dpi or greater

Repeatability: +/-.002"(.05mm) typical. May vary with media, media packaging
and processing conditions.

Image widths: 12.175"(309.2mm), 12"(304.8mm), 10"(254mm), 8"(203.2mm), 6"(154.4mm)

Output media: 1000:Konica 6128 IR-100E film or Konica 6548 IR-110P paper,
1100:Konica 6547 RVD-100E film or Konica 6541 HNP-110P paper,

Takeup cassette: Maximum 50'(15m) film or 25'(7.6m) paper

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