ADAST MAXIMA MS 80 - the new range of Guillotines.


The new range of "ADAST MAXIMA MS 80" Guillotines has evolved from well proven design and construction methods based on many years experience of Catting Machine manufacture.
They are outstanding for their extremely robust construction, long-term reliability, cutting precision, ease of operation, high operational safety and efficient design.
The MS 80 range is specified for cutting paper, card board, as well as other sheet materials such as veneer, leather, cork, rubber and plastic foils.
The major technical advantages of all ADAST MAXIMA Guillotines are undoubtedly the high operating productivity and low noise level.


All models are equipped with an air cushion table for easier handling of the cut material.
Even the basic models MS 80 2 and MS 80 B are equipped with an electronic digital measure indicator and keypad controlled automatic strip cutting feature. All models (except MS 80 2), are equipped with reinforced mechanical parts. The simple, logical system of the MS 80 S enables the creation of 40 programs with up to 20 cutting steps each, or 20 programs with up to 40 steps each.
The model MS 80 PS is equipped with a control system which includes a Programming system with monochrome display (8 X 40) and a facility for creating 999 cutting programs with up to 10,000 cutting steps, for setting and storing regularly cutting jobs.
The top of the range model MS 80 DS is able to create 999 programs with 50,000 cutting steps and also has a facility for fully automatic programmed cutting of standard sizes.
In addition, it is equipped with an 11" monochrome monitor display, giving graphic support of all program functions. An 11" colour or 11" colour 'touch-screen' monitor version is available as an optional extra.
Models MS 80 SE, MS 80 PSE and MS 80 DSE are all equipped, as standard equipment, with infrared safety guards to the front table and duplicated hydraulic control systems and fully comply with the European "GS" and "CE" safety certification requirements.



The machine are delivered from the factory in a wooden case with dimensions 240 X 130 X 180 cm. They are packed dismantled into two main parts - The frame (200 x 90 x 160 cm - weight 1000 kg) and the table (80 x 210 - weight 350 kg).


Cutting length: 800 mm
Max. back gauge traverse: 800 mm
Max. pile height: 110 mm
Minimum cut (manual drive): 20 mm
Minimum cut (power drive): 25 mm
Weight: 1350 kg
Length/width/height: 1980 x 1940 x 1475 mm
Power requirement: 3 x 400 V/4,5 kW
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