ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI is a new digital printing era.

755C DI Presses of ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI (Direct Imaging) family are the first offset presses in the WORLD capable of processing colored prints of 18.5" x 25.5" size. They are the largest digital printing systems employing Computer-To-Press(CTP) technology. The presses use a dry offset technique, which adds to the print quality. In comparison with similar rival presses it yields higher productivity, lower operating costs and faster return of investment. The ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI family may be fitted with four or five printing towers, a laminating unit and/or perfector. It results in high quality printing, where no films, chemical agents, nor preliminary printing plates (prepared in advance) are required.

An objective survey made by the foremost global print producers says that small to medium printing orders (500-30,000 prints) are increasing. ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI presses, are intended for high quality, small order color printing and quick order variation, fully satisfying the above requirement. A high rate of digital image transmission and high press printing speeds, of as much as 10,000 i.p.h., elimination of manual and time consuming processes needed for traditional offset printing, allows printers to respond quickly to market requirements without adversely affecting their profitability and schedules.
Time saving
The traditional offset printing methods require many time consuming and costly preparatory operations. They are typically as follows: film exposure and development, proof made from films, manual printing plate exposure and development, register setup. ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI PRESSES omit these operations thus cutting the make-ready time to less then half the time, in comparison with the traditional methods.
Cost saving
The print/operating costs reduce with the make-ready time. Items associated with film and printing plate processing, waste costs due to both registration and ink setup, as well as, the environmental regulations can be subtracted from the production costs as well. The production costs are 30 percent less then those of the traditional offset procedures.
Sparing the environment
Offset press of ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI family employ non-toxic, thermic processed printing plates, where neither chemical development, nor toxic waste disposal are required. The dry offset technique used, eliminates chemical waste produced in the dampening systems of the traditional printing machines. ADAST PRESSTEK 755C DI offset presses are products of superior quality in the field of printing technology. It is to be note that the bi-products disposal in the film and printing plate processing may exceed the price of the film, printing plate and chemicals.

755C DI Press Specifications

Sheet size - maximum: 19 1/8" x 26"
Sheet size - minimum: 11 7/16" x 12 3/8" (9" x 13" w/perfecting)
Stock thickness: .018" maximum
Maximum image area w/color bars: 25 5/8" x 17 3/4"
Maximum image area w/o color bars:25 5/8" x 18 9/16"
Printing plate size: 20 7/8" x 25 7/8" x .008"
Maximum speed: 10,000 IPH (8,000 IPH w/perfecting)
Gripper/edge - to - print: 25/64" / 1 3/8"
Press configurations: 2-color, 4-color, 5-color with integral perfector
Imaging speed and resolutions: 5.10 min @ 1016 dpi 10.20 min @ 2032 dpi 6.37 min @ 1270 dpi 12.74 min @ 2540 dpi
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