ADAST 557 DI is a four or five-color sheet-fed offset press, B3 size (15 x 20.5").

557 DI


  • Digital workflow right to the printing press
    • faster job turnaround
    • reduced make-ready costs
    • last minute edits possible on data files
  • Offset quality printing
    • real offset ink on a wide variety of substrates at the highest quality level
    • the quality of offset using real ink is far superior to toner based printing solutions
  • Waterless printing
    • waterless offset printing is a qualitive step ahead of conventional offset printing
    • makeready is shorter because no ink water balance vas to be achieved
    • high yield of quality printed sheets because there is no color variance due to changing ink water balance as the print run progresses
  • Fast make-ready of the press
    • complete jobchangeoner of up to 5 plates in less than 10 minutes
    • plates are imaged in register, cleaned automatically
    • the color profile is set on each printing unit from the plate imaging data
  • Digital printing workflow is fast
    • a fully digital workflow and short make-ready means fast job turnaround
    • ADAST 557 DI press is ideal for On-Demand printing, as well as fulfilment printing from digital archives
  • High speed printing
    • maximum printing speed of 12,000 i.p.h.
    • this high speed makes press economical even on slightly longer runs
  • Competitiveness even in case of low press run
    • the optimum use of ADAST 557 DI performs well in the range og 500 - 5000+ prints
    • compared to toner based solutions the 557DI can be the lowest cost from 200 prints, while delivering offset quality
  • Saving material costs
    • no film, film processing, and plate processing materials are used
    • lower waste sheets from the print run and the make-ready
  • Environmentally safe
    • no chemicals are used to develop the printing plates
    • the only waste from the process is the polyester plate
  • Digital print archives
    • archiving jobs electronically makes for easy retrieval for reruns
    • files can be distributed to multiple locations in a distribute and print' production model
  • Highly automated process
    • all operations - replenishing up to 5 plates, blanket washing, plate imaging, and plate cleaning are completely automatic
    • user friendly operation - the entire is controlled by the flat touch screen ' Communications Center'
  • Unique design of the imaging process
    • the ADAST 557DI uses a unique design that declutches the plate cylinder to allow imaging while the rest the press is idle
    • this reduces press wear while imaging, and allows for high speed imaging by the Presstek Pro-Fire imaging unit
    • all 5 plates can be imaged in 2 minutes and 40 seconds at 1270 dpi
  • Variable use of ADAST 557 DI printing presses
    • the press is available in four-color or five-color versions
    • perfecting is also available as an option
    • the five-color press may be used for 4/1 and 2/3 printing (with two perfecting units), the fifth unit can also be used for special colors, metallic ink, fluorescent ink or spot varnishing
    • the press may be fitted with an optional high-pile delivery



Sheet size - maximum: 15" x 20 1/2" (381 x 520 mm)
Sheet size - minimum: 4.33" x 5.83" (110 x 148mm)
Minimum sheet size for perfecting: 9.06" x 5.83" (230 x 148mm)
Maximum printing area: 14.57" x 19.88" (370 x 505mm)
Weight of paper to be printed: (30 - 350g/m2)
Maximum paper thickness: .0157" (0.4mm)
Pile height in feeder: 37" (940mm)
Pile height in low-pile delivery: 16.54" (420mm)
Pile height in high-pile delivery (optional): 35.65" (880mm)
Rubber blanket size: 18.58" x 20.63" x 0.075 "(472 x 524 x 1.9mm)
Number of printing plates in the roll: 37
Maximum printing speed: 12,000 i.p.h.
Minimum printing speed: 3,000 i.p.h.
Printing press dimensions:
Length - low-pile delivery: 17.06' (5,200 mm) [14.27'(4,350mm for ADAST 547 DI)]
Length - high-pile delivery: 21' (6,400 mm) [18.22'(5,555mm for ADAST 547 DI)]
Width: 4.4' (1,340 mm)
Height: 5.45' (1,660 mm)
Printing press weight:
Low-pile delivery: 18,943 lb (8,600 kg) [16,300 lb (7,400 kg for ADAST 547 DI)]
High-pile delivery: 19,824 lb (9,000 kg) [17,180 lb (7,800 kg for ADAST 547 DI)]
Press power input:
3 x 400V / 50 Hz: 40 kVA [39 kVA for ADAST 547 DI)]
3 x 220V / 60 Hz: 40 kVA [39 kVA for ADAST 547 DI)]
PEARL Server:
Processor: Pentium III / 256 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows NT
Hard disk: 54 GB RAID
Connection to prepress network: 10 Base-2, 10 Base-T, 100 Base-T
Connection to imaging unit: 100 Base-T
Transmission media: floppy disk 1,44 MB, CD-ROM, 2 GB Jaz drive
Resolution: 1270 dpi, 1905 dpi, 2540 dpi
Type of laser diodes:
Type: ProFire
Number of laser diodes: 5 x 32 (4 x 32 for ADAST 547 DI)
Imaging duration with a resolution of:
50 pixels/mm (1270 dpi): 2 min. 45 s
100 pixels/mm (2540 dpi): 5 min. 30 s
PEARLmerge, PEARLview, PEARLwrite, PEARLrip
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